Publication Policy

Stage 1/7: Submission

a. Manuscripts can be submitted here. (This link opens a new window and you will need an active email address for submitting a manuscript)b. Palimpsest only publishes original articles and book reviews.c. Please thoroughly explore the submission guidelines and editorial policies before submission.d. Authors are strongly advised to proofread the essay for any inconsistency or grammatical error before submission.

Stage 2/7: Editorial Review

a. All the manuscripts are put through a blind editorial review which generally takes 2-3 weeks.b. The initial screening evaluates the novelty of the content and checks for organisational and mechanical errors. Potential manuscripts might be returned to the author(s) if there are major corrections.c. Only the manuscripts of acceptable quality and linguistic standards that adhere to the aims and scopes of the journal are sent for external review.

Stage 3/7: Double-Blind Peer Review (External)

a. Selected manuscripts will be anonymously reviewed by at least two experts. Since the time varies based on the availability of the reviewers, it is hard to predict any specific timeline. In most cases, it takes 45-60 days.b. To sustain quality, the journal does not approve reviewers suggested by the author(s).c. The editorial office will forward the manuscript to an appropriate reviewer upon consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.d. Decisions made by the reviewers are considered final and the editorial office does not generally accept any request for re-evaluation if the manuscript is rejected by the reviewer. However, the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to take the final decision if the author(s) tenders an application requesting for another assessment with an agreeable explanation.

Stage 4/7: Revision

a. Manuscripts are marked in 4 categories by the reviewers (Accept without Revision, Accept after Minor Revision, Accept after Major Revision, and Reject).b. After the review comments are obtained, the author(s) is provided with the instructions/recommendations with a 10-day turnaround period for submitting the revised manuscript.

Stage 5/7: Copyediting and Formatting

a. The editorial office checks the revised manuscript for accuracy and consistency as per the reviewers' comments and copyedits the manuscript.b. Upon completion, which generally takes 15 days, the manuscript is either formatted according to the template or sent back to the author(s) if there are major issues to resolve.

Stage 6/7: Proofreading and Final Confirmation

a. As the document is formatted, the author(s) receives the final copy for proofreading and confirming the manuscript for publication by signing a Publication Agreement Form (PAF).b. At this stage, only grammatical and minor corrections can be done if the author(s) sees fit.

Stage 7/7: Publication

a. The final edition is published online with DOI.b. Printed issues will only be brought out at the discretion of the journal committee.