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Discursive Shakespeare - International Conference on Shakespeare

Deadline for Submissions: 30 June 2019

Organization: Department of English, East Delta University

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 “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.” - Measure for Measure

Shakespeare was a contemporary to our distant ancestors. But, has time ripened enough to say that he no more belongs to us? Has the Thames not been flowing being the lifeline of the Londoners? As London gradually started growing up as the hub of commercial and cultural advances, this artist of the artists appeared to be inseparable in London’s life. However, his importance never diminishes; instead, he has become even more pertinent in the present than ever before. This master of the magicians knows to spellbind his audience with the intricacies of his plays and plot constructions. Almost half of a millennium, he has kept his readers enthralled by portraying complex characters and employing flowery details of actions. The highly ornate language of his plays charms the readers and audience enlivening their minds and spirits with the euphoria of discovering the treasure box of Shakespearean rhetoric. His tragedies often disentangle the complexities of our mundane, psychological world. Sometimes they perplex us with new issues to look for their answers. In the ups and downs of life, this bard invokes many questions, which have a tumultuous effect on our psyche, and guides us to a new direction through doubting and questioning. Since this playwright allures us to seek for the answers of those confusions, over the generations, we look for their solutions by the course of time and space. Jan Kott has pointed out, “Shakespeare not only dramatizes history; he dramatizes psychology, gives us large slices of it; and in them we find ourselves.” Therefore, his work encapsulates the peoples of diverse interests and geographies. Thus, this forum purports to be a melting pot of scholars, academicians, and artists sharing their ideas in front of the global community. Proposals are expected in the areas of but are not limited to:

The conference is scheduled for 2-3 October 2019 at East Delta University. Selected papers from the conference will be published in a special issue with ISBN number by the Department of English, East Delta University.

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