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Welcome Message from the Dean

It is my immense pleasure to introduce the first online issue of Palimpsest - East Delta University Journal of English Studies, a peer-reviewed literary journal of the Department of English at East Delta University, albeit beyond the expected date due to the pandemic surge and other academic affairs (not hindrances).I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the EDU authority for its full and steadfast support for making this endeavour a success.I would like to thank Professor Shormistha Panja, PhD, a globally acclaimed Shakespeare scholar and the Editor-in-Chief of Palimpsest, for her continuous guidance in making the journal a ground of possibility.I take this opportunity to thank the team of world-renowned scholars who have contributed as editors and reviewers with the commitment for maintaining academic excellence.My colleagues Mr. Prabal Das Gupta and Mr. Mohammad Akteruzzaman deserve special thanks for their unrelenting assistance in bringing out this online issue.Congratulations to the authors who have made the pathway for our future paper-submitters; best wishes for them all.I hope that the Department of English will continue the process of regularly publishing scholarly articles as part of its commitment for advancing knowledge and enriching lives.

About the Journal

A popular meaning of ‘palimpsest’ denotes a very old text or document in which writing has been removed and covered or replaced by new writing. It has been recently used to suggest any literary and visual artwork that has many levels of meaning and interpretation that build on each other. Apart from its architectural, archaeological, and geomorphological applications, palimpsestuous indicia are widely referred to in psychological studies, especially in the Freudian unconscious, to mean the backstage dynamics affected by emotional repressions that dominate an individual’s responses in social and interpersonal behaviours. However, the broad connotation is germane to literary and philological researches which generate and regenerate critical insights on a particular text. Hence, Palimpsest - East Delta University Journal of English Studies is the journal published by the Department of English at East Delta University, Bangladesh, that brings out articles and book reviews on literary and linguistic studies.
Palimpsest (p-ISSN: 2307-4094, e-ISSN: 2709-2771) is a blind peer-reviewed journal published annually (primarily), starting from 2013 and, after a hiatus of 7 years, restarting from 2020. We encourage qualitative, theoretical, empirical, and exploratory research on creative and intellectual works spanning the broad fields of literature, culture, and linguistics. Subjects of examinations and arguments will encompass the socio-historical facets of current academic investigations. Since literary studies overlap with interdisciplinary studies, Palimpsest includes the scholarship of adaptation studies that deals with the theoretical edges of cinematic translation of literature. In view of this, review articles on books, novels, plays, and film adaptation will be featured in the volumes.

Aims and Scope

Palimpsest is committed to publishing scholarly articles, review papers, and book reviews in a wide variety of areas including literature, language, culture, gender, religion, and chronicles. Besides publishing works on canonical authors, it promotes peripheral voices and inspires researchers to work on diasporic literature and literature(s) in translation as well. Contributions from researchers may include studies addressing the global, multilingual, and cross-cultural phenomenon that has a greater significance in human lives and cultures. Palimpsest encourages contributors to publish their authentic works, representing researchers’ dedication to knowledge, deep understandings, and contribution in creating new approaches and perspectives that demand global readership.
Promised to flourish as a platform for the researchers, it disseminates new knowledge among the readers worldwide to bring innovative changes in academia, social, and professional practice and beyond. Each of the issues is determined to feature critical writings on literary, linguistic, and cultural studies.

Abstracting and Indexing

a. Palimpsest will be indexed in Google Scholar and the EDU Central Library repository. The editorial office is working closely with relevant indexing services and articles will be available in their databases when appropriate. Being a relatively new journal, Palimpsest b. All the manuscripts are published with Crossref DOIs.

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